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Creating the perfect team is difficult. Even when you have everything in place, it can be hard to know if your people and workflows are performing at their best. Creative Solutions Group is here to help you and your team make the most of the assets that you have and help your organization run more smoothly. We work with your team to work with you to optimize your processes, talent and your technology.

Process Optimization

Your business wants to go faster and get great results.  Having a smooth flow of information, product and knowledge are essential to any business. No two workflows are the same, and different processes present different challenges. Creative Solutions Group helps you identify the pain points and works with you to improve.  Our logical (and painless) approach is based on methods that are tried and true like Lean and Six Sigma that we have integrated into our own The DMAIC Way®.

Ensure information, products and knowledge flows smoothly.

Talent Optimization

People are what make your business run, and knowing how to align your team's talents to accomplish the strategy to get your desired results is key to success. Creative Solutions Group uses a multiple part discipline that allows you to make the most of your talent by nurturing your team through building knowledge, coaching, aligning business strategy with talent strategy, getting the right talent and engagement. Our talent optimization method leverages Facilitative Techniques and the Predictive Index to ensure your team grows and succeeds.

Achieve the results you want and build high performing teams. Align your people strategy with your business through Talent Optimization.

Technology Optimization

Technology can be complicated. Even after you have all of your tools implemented in your organization, they might not be giving you the edge you need leading to user frustration, work-arounds and slowing you down.. Our team conducts a full review of your technology like Websites, Social Media, Automation, Data Reporting, SharePoint, ERP, custom programs, and can integrate Agile into your team. We work with you to optimize your technological assets and can even help you in selecting future software.

We have all been there: the system is slow, links don't work, and this leads to frustration. Have your technology works for you.

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