The Become More Virtual Conference 2021


Are you ready to Become More? 

Join us, November 16-18 as we tap into talent, process, leadership and facilitation optimization with experts in a wide variety of industries.

We'll have speakers on topics surrounding:

Talent Optimization ensures you're achieving the results you want and building high performing teams while you're at it.  Align your people strategy with your business through Talent Optimization.

Process Optimization ensures information and product flows smoothly within your organization. Optimization usually includes refining, learning and improving process and knowledge. Optimizing your process can help you not only understand your process, but your goals and talent too. 

Leadership Optimization focuses on, you guessed it, leaders. Leaders are the future of your company. You want the best for them so they can succeed and your company can accomplish their goals – and grow. 

Facilitation Optimization leverages the art of facilitating, and doing it well. Facilitation, when done correctly, creates a safe environment while still pushing people out of their comfort zone. 

Exclusive Book Talks 

Each afternoon from 4:30 to 6:00pm, we're excited to offer an exclusive, top tier of The Become More Conference. These top tiers include: hard copy book(s) by your selected author(s) and an exclusive group zoom link to meet with authors for one hour to go over book + time for Q&A. Check out our exclusive authors below. 

Mike Zani - CEO

The Predictive Index 

The Science of Dream Teams: How Talent Optimization Can Drive Engagement, Productivity, and Happiness. 

How do you find the perfect person for the job in a stack of hundreds of resumes? Why do some teams succeed while others―made up of equally talented people―stumble? If the quality of your workforce is your company’s most important asset, then why are your managers still basing these critical decisions primarily on interviews and their gut instincts?

In The Science of Dream Teams, Mike Zani details a data-driven approach to talent optimization that makes hiring, motivating, and managing people more efficient and effective than ever. It employs sophisticated assessments, tools, and software that enable leaders to:

  • measure the traits and characteristics that predict success in a role or fit on a team
  • build finely tuned project teams and well-balanced leadership teams
  • boost employee productivity, engagement, retention―and happiness
  • unlock the hidden potential of individual workers and your organization as a whole
Whatever the business or industry, this game-changing approach has the power to unlock an unbeatable competitive advantage. The Science of Dream Teams will show you how.


Kelli Thompson - Founder

Clarity & Confidence Women's 

Leadership Program 

Career Clarity: The Ultimate Guide.

How do you know if your ladder is leaning against the right wall? 

I've been there. My clients have been there. We worked so hard to climb a ladder only to stop, look around and realize you don't even love the work or who work makes you be. 

It can be scary and vulnerable to think that maybe you've been spending too much time in the wrong role or career.

For me, it shook me to the core. After all, who was I without this job, title and salary? 

This guide will show you how to create a career you love so you can lead with more confidence and live with more joy. 


Tammy Rogers - Founder & CEO Aveea Partners     

Scott Burgmeyer - Founder & CEO Creative Solutions Group

Chief Optimization Officer

Chief Optimization Officer: Raising the Set Point

Individuals in the C-Suite are typically seasoned professionals. They bring a tremendous amount of specialized expertise to the table.  Each of them is responsible for a specific area of risk and/or opportunity.  And they tend to see the world through very different lenses.  So, when the C-Suite is brought together as a whole, their diverse perspectives view information, opportunities, and risks from different angles – enabling the organization to make better decisions. 

But most C-Suite organizational charts do not take advantage of a critical perspective:  aligning organizational improvement.  

We have specialists that:

  • Protect and leverage our financial assets
  • Guarantee that we will deliver quality products or services on time
  • Ensure we have the right talent
  • Guard our data and exploit technology
  • Share our message and products so that consumers choose us

What is missing is clarity on who is responsible for raising the bar.  Imagine for a moment – having someone at an executive level whose primary responsibility is to figure out how we can BE more and DO more with the resources that the organization has RIGHT NOW. 

Now before you make a logic leap – and say something like:

  • “Isn’t that “Quality Control’s responsibility?” 
  • “Don’t we have someone who does Lean or Six Sigma?”
  • “Couldn’t we just have HR handle that – it sounds like Change Management?”
  • “That’s Operation’s job!”

Yes, you may have roles like this in your organization.  AND…

Most organizations have a set point.  A place where they comfortably get work done.  It’s the place and pace that the organization has become accustomed to.  And it is easy.   

Changing the organization’s set point, raising the bar, leveling up – that’s NOT easy.  And it’s uncomfortable.  The system, the people, the organization itself is fighting to remain the same.  And in THAT moment, the way the organization does things seems VERY appealing.  But just like Bob Iger, Disney’s former CEO said; “The riskiest thing [an organization] can do is maintain the status quo.”   

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