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Project Management Essentials

  • 06/06/2022
  • 8:30 AM
  • 06/07/2022
  • 4:30 PM
  • Virtual


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Leading projects is a great way to showcase your talents. It is an opportunity to hone your leadership skills. And it is a critical platform to prove how you add value to the organization.

Which means you need to excel. You need to be a great project manager.

That sounds daunting. Let’s just add a little more anxiety into our work life. Yes, and… It doesn’t take weeks of on-learning and months of studying to be a great project manager. In fact, in you think about – you probably already manage projects.

  •  A holiday family dinner
  •  Your last vacation
  •  Transitioning your eldest from middle school to high school
  •  Getting the garden ready after a long winter
  •  Remodeling the living room

ALL of these are projects! There is a goal. There are a variety of milestones along the way. There is an end date. And – you need help and support from a variety of people who have different and/or competing priorities.

You CAN manage projects. And it won’t take a complex system or set of rigid rules for you to be successful. At this interactive and practical workshop you’ll bring one of your own projects and use it to:

· Learn the phases of a project

· Recognize that projects are as much about people as they are about process

· Identify and apply simple tools to support project planning and execution

· Discover facilitative techniques to ensure team alignment

· Uncover the secrets of keeping the project scope and timeline on track

This double-dipping learning methodology allows participants to learn and set up a real work project for success at the same time! Most Reluctant Project Manager participants leave the workshop confident and fully prepared to facilitate their kick-off meetings. And, graduates have the benefit of two follow-up coaching sessions with their facilitator (a project management guru) to provide additional guidance as their projects progress.

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