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    • 09/01/2021
    • 11/05/2021
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    The DMAIC Way® Award

    Have you led or been on a team that did amazing things?

    Do you use a process improvement methodology that you are proud of?

    Submit for The DMAIC Way® Award

    This award looks at 5 areas - Alignment to the business, focus selection, process used, talent integration and outcomes.


    Q: We didn't use DMAIC or Six Sigma, can we still submit?

    A: Yes, we focus on the 5 categories regardless of the method used.

    Q: Does it cost anything to submit?

    A: No, submitting is free and gives you a discount to attend the BecomeMore Conference

    See more about the criteria here

    • 10/28/2021
    • 8:30 AM
    • 10/29/2021
    • 4:30 PM


    Leading projects is a great way to showcase your talents. It is an opportunity to hone your leadership skills. And it is a critical platform to prove how you add value to the organization.

    Which means you need to excel. You need to be a great project manager.

    That sounds daunting. Let’s just add a little more anxiety into our work life. Yes, and… It doesn’t take weeks of on-learning and months of studying to be a great project manager. In fact, in you think about – you probably already manage projects.

    •  A holiday family dinner
    •  Your last vacation
    •  Transitioning your eldest from middle school to high school
    •  Getting the garden ready after a long winter
    •  Remodeling the living room

    ALL of these are projects! There is a goal. There are a variety of milestones along the way. There is an end date. And – you need help and support from a variety of people who have different and/or competing priorities.

    You CAN manage projects. And it won’t take a complex system or set of rigid rules for you to be successful. At this interactive and practical workshop you’ll bring one of your own projects and use it to:

    · Learn the phases of a project

    · Recognize that projects are as much about people as they are about process

    · Identify and apply simple tools to support project planning and execution

    · Discover facilitative techniques to ensure team alignment

    · Uncover the secrets of keeping the project scope and timeline on track

    This double-dipping learning methodology allows participants to learn and set up a real work project for success at the same time! Most Reluctant Project Manager participants leave the workshop confident and fully prepared to facilitate their kick-off meetings. And, graduates have the benefit of two follow-up coaching sessions with their facilitator (a project management guru) to provide additional guidance as their projects progress.

    • 11/09/2021
    • 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
    • Virtual

    How to Make Meetings Not Suck

    Having less meetings are a common ask in organizations.  Meetings take time.  Meetings seem wasteful.  We seem to spend effort and energy and not get benefit from them.  Meetings Suck.  We believe the focus is to have purposeful meetings….”sucky” meetings are preventable.  Through proven methods we can have impactful meetings – and the research suggests we meetings have a purpose and outcome, there are less of them. 

    During this session participants will:

    • Discover the cost of sucky meetings
    • Understand tactics to make meetings more productive
    • Take action to make meetings not suck

    • 11/16/2021
    • 8:30 AM
    • 11/18/2021
    • 4:30 PM
    • Virtual


    Are you ready to Become More? 

    Join us, November 16-18 as we tap into talent, process, leadership and facilitation optimization with experts in a wide variety of industries.

    We'll have speakers on topics surrounding:

    Talent Optimization focuses on ensuring you're achieving the results you want and building high performing teams while you're at it.  Align your people strategy with your business through Talent Optimization.

    Process Optimization ensures information and product flows smoothly within your organization. Optimization usually includes refining, learning and improving process and knowledge. Optimizing your process can help you not only understand your process, but your goals and talent too. 

    Leadership Optimization focuses on, you guessed it, leaders. Leaders are the future of your company. You want the best for them so they can succeed and your company can accomplish their goals – and grow. 

    Facilitation Optimization leverages the art of facilitating, and doing it well. Facilitation, when done correctly, creates a safe environment while still pushing people out of their comfort zone. 

    • 12/14/2021
    • 12/16/2021
    • 3 sessions
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    • 16


    Not your typical workshop!

    If you're looking for a passive, stare at a PowerPoint presentation while you multi-task webinar -- This is NOT the workshop for you!

    If you want to get real, figure out how you're getting in your own way and truly become the kind of boss that people look up to, trust and want to work for -- then keep reading!

    This one-of-a-kind program immerses participants in activities & conversations that:

    · Enhance Self-Awareness

    · Identify Must-Have Leadership Skills

    · Apply Practical Models to Everyday Leadership Issues

    · Build Dream Teams

    · Deliver Results

    Level Up Leadership spans 3 days. You'll attend the workshop in the morning where you'll delve into some pretty meaty subjects. We'll send you back to work in the afternoon -- so that you have the opportunity to try on what you've been learning. And that evening there will be a little bit of homework -- so that you're prepped and ready to go the next day.

    We purposefully keep our class sizes small. You'll get the personal attention you want and need. You'll be able to learn from and support your peers. And you'll build the foundation

    to be a member of the Level Up Tribe -- a group of leaders who continue to connect with and learn from one another, long after the workshop is over.

    One more thing. We know that's it's tough to break old habits. So your Level Up Leadership investment includes two 1:1 follow up coaching sessions. Graduates can schedule these sessions any time after the workshop is over. So, if you want a little 1:1 time right away -- we'll get that on the calendar. Or if you'd prefer a pick-me-up six months down the road -- we'll be there for you then as well. Our goal is to provide you with the support you'll need to ensure that the lessons "heard" at the workshop become your new habits -- tried, refined and applied.

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11/12/2020 Wasted Excellence
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10/14/2020 The DMAIC Way® Green Belt
10/08/2020 Getting into the Mindset of Your Customer
10/08/2020 The Power of Customer Mapping
09/15/2020 Aligning Talent with Strategy
09/15/2020 Getting Organizational Alignment
09/11/2020 Leadership, Learning & Libations
08/20/2020 Having Difficult Conversations
08/20/2020 Organizational Mastery Series
08/20/2020 Tapping into Your Employees Discretionary Effort

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