Our Team

Scott Burgmeyer

Founder & CEO, Creative Solutions Group

Scott's PI Profile

​​​Scott has spent over 35 years working and consulting in multiple industries including manufacturing, technology, education, and health care.  Scott has been in various roles including HR, Training, QA Manager, CI Manager, SVP Quality and Improvement, Chief Improvement Officer and CEO.

As a  guru of Talent Optimization, Performance Excellence and a The DMAIC Way® Master Black Belt - his focus is to Make it Better! Make it Stick!

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Tammy Rogers

Master Facilitator

Tammy's PI Profile

Tammy is a key resource of Creative Solutions Group and the Founder of Aveea Partners.  Tammy began her career at a startup company in Minneapolis designing employee attitude surveys. Within six months she was tapped to lead the new training and development division.

Tammy has written more than 50 internationally distributed training programs and worked with
best-selling authors like James Autry and Bob Nelson. In 1995 Tammy ventured out on her
own, founding three organizations and today is leading her company, Aveea Partners.

Tammy is best known for helping leaders become more and to develop new ways of thinking, attitudes and behaviors that transfer to the real world.

Courtney Lampman

Marketing Strategist (aka Marketing Maestro)

Courtney's PI Profile

Courtney joined Creative Solutions Group in 2020 to lead our marketing, content, social media and podcast efforts. 

As a graduate of Iowa State University, Courtney brings passion and hands-on experience in public relations, rebranding, social media, content design & creation, event management and more!

Courtney has worked in healthcare and tourism industries and most recently was part of the team that completed the rebranding for MercyOne.  

Courtney is extremely excited to further expand Creative Solutions Group brand and products.

Kelly DiAllesandro

Optimization Consultant & Facilitator

Kelly DiAllesandro joined the Creative Solutions Group team as an Optimization Consultant in 2022.

After working in project management primarily in the healthcare industry, Kelly has found that she enjoys the challenge of discovering the unmet needs of organizations. Kelly strives to work hand in hand with clients to identify what success looks like and loves the detail of mapping out how to realistically implement change. 

Building relationship with clients both fills her cup and brings a high level of success to any project she's apart of. 

Kelly's primary focus at Creative Solutions Group will be facilitating  various workshops like The DMAIC Way® Yellow and Green Belt along with supporting clients with Predictive Index.

Marlene Sprouse

Optimization Guru

Marlene's PI Profile

Dr. Marlene Sprouse joined the team in 2019 after an impressive  career in leadership, which includes teaching, professional development, curriculum development, organizational improvement, and administration. 

Her most recent formal leadership position was as President, Indian Hills Community College where growing people, educating communities, and supporting business and industry was her focus and her passion.

As a master facilitator and optimization consultant, Marlene's passion is growing people and organizations.

Denise McGloughlin 

Optimization Guru

Denise's PI Profile

Denise joined Creative Solutions Group in 2021 after 32 years of service in public education. She led schools and districts to optimize systems and talent to ensure continuous improvement including achievement of an A+ School of Excellence rating.  She serves as a leadership advisor and board president for Exemplary Educators, a non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure an exemplary educator for each child. Denise, also, works as a curriculum auditor for Curriculum Management Solutions, auditing current systems and making recommendations for future systems that ensure the interconnectedness and coordination of all systems related to curriculum management.

Denise has an innate ability to connect with individuals, design and implement effective systems to make a profound impact.  Denise’s strength is her insatiable curiosity and desire to learn. She strives to not only be the best version of herself, but also empower others to be the best version of themselves. 

Sarah Baker 

Curriculum & Optimization Guru

Sarah's PI Profile

Sarah has worked with Creative Solutions Group since 2020.  She completed her MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at the University of Texas at Arlington and her BA in Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Houston. 

Sarah challenges and inspires others to think critically and shift toward more effective perspectives. Her thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, and passion for learning support her in providing excellent work. As a facilitator and instructional designer, she uses philosophy and psychology techniques to inspire growth and excellence. 

Michael Nelson

Optimization Consultant & Facilitator

Nelson's PI Profile

An experienced change process management professional, Michael provides value based solutions for clients and prospects looking for the best HR technology to engage employees and accomplish goals.

As an HR Tech Consultant, Michael works closely with clients to understand their objectives and find a technology solution that aligns with those objectives. Michael is actively involved in a client’s vendor implementation process, providing project management oversight and a positive customer experience throughout the implementation.

Michael’s experience includes managing system design, project management and system build roles, along with daily client management and support. His years of experience in benefits administration and finance gives him a unique opportunity to align client strategic goals with technology objectives.

Shawn Lampe

Optimization Consultant & Facilitator

Shawn's PI Profile

Shawn has spent the last 15 years as a hands-on technology professional with experience in many aspects of IT including helpdesk, administration, engineering project management, process improvement and leadership.

He is a higher-education instructor and facilitator that thrives on innovation and results, that help solve real-world problems and provide proven solutions.  Shawn is a naturally curious problem solver and tinkerer that loves experimenting and ‘tweaking’ all-things technology to maximize its effectiveness.

He enjoys sharing his practical experiences to guide, coach and encourage others towards their epiphanic moments.

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