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Leading During Troubling Times

06/07/2020 12:31 PM | Anonymous

I had the opportunity to see a speaker (Mike Wagner) a few weeks ago.  He used unique language - “The Great Disruption” rather than COVID-19, Pandemic, New Normal and challenged us to think differently.  This got me thinking, How do you lead if you are personally struggling?  With a pandemic, racial tensions, personal loss or any number of struggles.

When you are struggling, it causes you stress and anxiety.  According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, “Stress is a response to a threat in a situation. Anxiety is a reaction to the stress.”  While research has shown a certain level of stress keeps us moving forward, too much can paralyze us.  How do we as individuals and leaders move forward in that spot?

Morra Aarons-Mele suggests the following:

  • Acknowledge and accept your emotions – they are yours and focus on thriving because of your emotion.  Learn to accept and leverage your anxiety to solve the issue vs ruminate on the emotion/situation.
  • Play Detective – ask questions, pinpoint the cause(s)
  • See if it is causing Physical Impact – do you feel tension in your body? Headaches?
  • Sort out the probable from the possible – focusing what is possible vs the 1:1,000,000 situation
  • Take Action – based on what you identified in the cause and what is possible, move – get-r-done…take small actions that will move you forward

These steps can move you forward as an individual – how do you translate them as a leader?  The same steps AND add a communication aspect with others for each step and support them as they take action. 

​Take your chance and lead through the struggle.

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