Self Mastery

06/14/2020 12:33 PM | Anonymous

Daniel Pink wrote in Drive that what really motivates us is Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose. 

​The idea of mastery creates thinking for each of us –

  • WHAT am I good at? 
  • What do I WANT to be good at? 
  • Am I willing to do the WORK to be a master?
According to Master Shi Heng Yi there are 5 hindrances you must remove to accomplish this –
  1. Sensual Desire – Following temptation of your senses that you stop your forward movement
  2. Ill Will – Negative emotion towards an object, situation or person
  3. Heaviness – mental of physical effort that holds you back
  4. Unsettled Mind – Not being in the moment or jumping from thing to thing 
  5. Skeptical Doubt – Indecisive or clouded mind creating being stuck
As I reflected on these hindrances, I can see (and have seen) how they create a cloud that prevents me from moving forward as effectively as I could.  How do you get over these?  Master Shi recommends getting caught in the RAIN
  • Recognize which hindrance you are stuck in
  • Accept that you are there (and accept how people are – you can’t change THEM)
  • Investigate what is keeping you there (ask questions)
  • Non-identify – see that you are made up of the mind, body and emotion and how will you move forward
Stuck?  Go out in the Rain!!

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